A Solemn Reminder That War Is Always On The Horizon

War Is Coming

War is coming.

It’s all just a cycle of history. But more on war in a minute…

First, I want to tell you a little story about human nature.

During the Seattle Snowpocalypse last month, I took the time to learn a few lessons and reinforce a few truths.

I made sure we stocked enough water and red meat to get us through a week without grocery trips. We always have rice on hand, so carbs were accounted for. We had canned foods in case we lost power and lost everything in the fridge.

Yadda yadda yadda, let’s put it this way… we were ready for whatever.

We prepared for the snow in advance, not because WE needed to worry about it, but because we had to worry about all the other idiots around us.

You see, there’s something you may not know about Seattle.

When it rains, people suddenly forget how to drive… so what do you think happens in snow?

You might be asking yourself, “Wait, I thought it rained a lot in Seattle?”

And guess what, I’m left asking myself the same question…

Now why would people not know how to drive in rain in Seattle, when it rains here all the time?

Think about it and you’ll probably figure it out.

For now, I’ll let it remain a mystery…

Now imagine what happened when we got hit with ten inches of snow last month.

The store shelves emptied in a matter of hours. Businesses shut down for days on end. And people absolutely couldn’t control their cars.

I’m comfortable driving in the snow.

But I’m not comfortable with a bunch of people attempting to drive Priuses in the snow.

Your competence can’t negate the incompetence of others.

That’s why I stay off the road when this stuff happens.

Other than training a few clients who could actually make it to the gym, I didn’t have to go anywhere during the day. Other than that, I only used the roads at night when everyone else was sheltered inside and the roads were empty.

Long story short, my girl and I didn’t take part in any of this BS.

When we did go out, we acted like it was the old days and went for an old-fashioned walk in the snow.

You remember those? Not many people do it seems… We even took Wilson with us.


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Each night of the Snowpocalypse, I took the opportunity to watch some war movies with my girl.

Saving Private Ryan was among them.

We watched The Patriot, Enemy At The Gates, and The Hurt Locker too.

I don’t know about you, but I love war movies. But let’s be real. War movies are nowhere near reality.

They can show you themes, but then you must imagine the horror beyond those themes.

The struggle and terror the men fought through during World War II must have been insane.

Only those who have seen combat know what combat is like. That’s a fact.

The rest of us can only prepare for the day our mettle will be tested.

I truly do hope the terror of war doesn’t hit our streets, but the future will always remain uncertain.

Anything could happen, and what I’m going to explain next will show you why.

Do any of us know what actually happened?

After finishing Saving Private Ryan, I decided to pull up some numbers from the war.

I wanted to see some kind of infographic-style breakdown of the data and found this video.

In 20 minutes, I gained an astonishing bird’s eye perspective of the deaths during World War II.

I strongly invite you to watch the video below.

Some of this information brought tears to my eyes.

70+ MILLION people died within six years.

And there’s a huge debate over the actual number.

I believe it’s likely over 100 million…

When I got to the part about the Soviet casualties, my heart sank.

These numbers are unbelievable. The atrocities evil men can commit are unbelievable.

The sheer loss of life, both military and civilian…

The evils of Stalin towards his own people, attempting to solve a problem by throwing bodies at it…

Over 1.5 million Soviets died in the siege of Leningrad

And over a million died in the Gulag alone, the Soviet forced labor camp…

It’s insanity.

I want you to imagine this mentality for a moment.

“We don’t have enough supplies for our soldiers. Therefore, one of you gets a weapon, the other gets bullets. If the man in front of you dies, pick up his weapon and continue fighting. If you flee the enemy, we will gun you down ourselves.”

“We decided you were worthy enough to be a slave. To build our war machine with no food and no resources and no remorse. You’re lucky we didn’t put a bullet in your head. Now get to work until you die.”

That’s war.

War is not forgiving.

But war is real.

And war is inevitable.

Be prepared.

The people of 1938 had no idea what was coming.

Neither do we.

We have no clue, but act like we do.

Now, ask yourself this.

Do you really think that the people in 1938 thought that 70 million people would die within the next six years?

Of course not.

Most of the time, history progresses slowly.

But when shit hits the fan, things devolve very fucking fast.

Things go from shitty to bad in the blink of an eye, and people are left wondering what happened.

You cannot become one of those people.

We become jaded to reality.

We forget to see the blinding truth that’s before us.

We forget our history.

War will come again.

But this time it’s a little different.

Our technology very well has the ability to wipe us out.

Not the entire human race, no.

A select few will always survive. But the common man… hah!

Good luck.

It’s statistics.

That’s all it is.

As technology and artificial intelligence progress, so will the way governments surveil their people and wage war.

No one knows when massive wars and societal change will happen.

But if history shows us anything, it’s that man operates just like the Universe… in cycles.

Civilizations rise and fall.

Powers swell and quell.

I believe we’re entering a very volatile and unpredictable period in human history.

And so does Elon Musk.

We are on the cusp of things changing very very quickly.

Once the Singularity has been reached, we have no clue what could happen.

I’m on the side of skepticism.

If the way algorithms are already disproportionately targeting conservative content is any indication, I don’t believe this technological “utopia” is even remotely possible.

I believe it’s going to target particular groups of people based on their browsing data and online history. You know, that digital footprint we all leave that will tell the system who and what and where we are, at all times?

It’d be pretty damn easy to use this data to target people who hold opposing viewpoints… and machines are efficient at what they do.

We’ve already got pilots taking out targets from thousands of miles away, sitting in a completely safe room, controlling a drone like it’s a very advanced video game.

How long until the entire process is automated?

How long until we devolve into civil war and other nations capitalize on the opportunity?

How long until we all wipe ourselves out in a nuclear winter?

I have no fucking clue.

But I do know one thing…

I’m going to live my life and enjoy it. Along the way, I’m going to prepare my body and mind for war.

War is coming.

I don’t want it to, no.

But when war breaks out around you, you’re forced to choose a side.

Be ready.

I’m on the side of truth and liberty. And the next thirty years are going to be a wild ride…

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Nick Hagood
Demons & Destiny