How To Unite A Country

How To Unite A Country

At this point, America would need to be attacked by a foreign enemy to unite the People.

Don’t believe me?

Think about what happened after 9/11…

As tragic as that event was, the country came together…

We united over bloodlust.

America had been attacked, and we had to do something back.

The President told the world, “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.”

And then we began a decades-long campaign to destroy and control the Middle East, which continues to this day.

America got its war.

If you’re not with us, you’re against us… That statement can have dangerous consequences.

We quenched the bloodlust with the lives of our young men and women, and the complete destabilization of the Middle East.

And then we realized it would never end…

We would never be removing ourselves from these conflicts, because we COULDN’T. If we did, even more lives would be lost, and even more terror would take hold.

We united over a lie and created the situation in the first place.

It was engineered to go down like this.

The people at the top knew what would happen. They setup the attacks and went to war over lies. They toppled governments and established puppet regimes. They removed American forces knowing it would leave a power vacuum. They knew something like ISIS would grow out of the ashes.

That was the entire goal.

Create the problem. Predict the reaction. Control the solution.

Look into how ISIS got its equipment. ISIS was created. Just like all of these situations are¬†created. It’s all an act, a play, an illusion.

What they’re telling you isn’t what’s really going on.

We can all see the effects of these wars. The destabilization. The mass migrations. The destruction of Western culture.

And supposedly ISIS has now been taken out, yet we’re still getting events like the Sri Lankan massacres.

That’s because it’s not about ISIS.

It’s about an ideology and a system of power and control.

These events are inspired and created by both sides, and nothing we do will stop it. It doesn’t matter the “group” these people belong to. It’s a desire for death and destruction.

That’s how all of history goes.

These conflicts are all part of the grand cycles of creation and destruction in this Universe.

Nothing escapes the influence of these cycles.

Need a little more perspective? Then let’s go back in time a bit.

Look what happened after Pearl Harbor…


There’s always an event that provides an excuse.

That’s just what happens.

It’s up to you whether you believe these events happen naturally, or whether some “conspiracies” are actually reality.

One thing is for certain, when these types of events DO happen, shadowy parties use them to their advantage and manipulate the outcomes.

People are profiting off the division in America and they will profit off the wars to come.

That’s just how the world works.

You don’t have to like it.

But you do need to come to terms with it.

When shit goes down, some people get rich, and some get fucked.

America is awaiting a catharsis.

We can all FEEL it.

It’s palpable. It’s in the air.

The media and governments have sowed so much hate and fear… there cannot be a peaceful reconciliation.

Each side is far too polarized.

There will be war.

The question is, “Will we wage war against each other?”

To rectify extreme division requires redirecting all that hate towards a common enemy.

War is what it would take to mend the left and the right. But it’s also what can destroy them.

Even uniting against a common enemy can fracture a country as people point fingers as to why everything happened.

Me? I don’t think it’s possible. We are too divided…

War is coming.

The machine cannot be stopped.

There’s too much momentum and too much hate.

And the media is fully compliant in this. Their dangerous rhetoric has led the country to this point.

The left and the right live in two completely different realities.

One embraces the Light. The other Darkness.

It’s like two dimensions have become intertwined and Demons are bursting from the seams.

All you have to do is look at these people. They are unwashed, poorly dressed, have multi-color hair and gaudy piercings all over their bodies, and hold extreme beliefs.

They carry themselves in a manner that is meant to jar you into noticing them.

They want to stand out.

They want to look crazy.

Because they ARE crazy…

They look and act like demons, and support demonic causes.

They abuse children and expose them to pedophiles.

They brainwash their followers and shun differences of opinion.

They support open borders and suicide by invasion.

I cannot stress enough how dangerous these people are. Yet that’s the reality we are forced to deal with.

The system cannot be stopped.

It will keep rolling on.

Light and Dark always roll on.

The grand cycles always continue…

But let me make one thing clear. The last thing I want is war.

But we don’t get to make that choice…

War will come for you.

So be ready.

Who’s Gonna Pop Off?

Who the hell knows?

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the Muslim Brotherhood have officially been labelled terrorist organizations.

We’ve placed sanctions on all of the Iranian oil.

We have hundreds of thousands of illegals storming our borders.

We have Europe under siege and the desecration of churches all around the world.

And I swear to you, it will only get worse.

Just look at the Christchurch shootings, the burning of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the Sri Lankan Christian massacres, and everything else… all of which happened during Holy Week.

These events are escalating. They’re happening more frequently. And you need to be prepared for what is to come.

Hell, we’re seeing these events every weekend now…

I don’t know when these events will go down, but I don’t have a good feeling about this.

And many others feel the same way.

The weather is heating up and we’re going to have more people out on the streets, especially as this next election cycle hits.

It’s only going to get more dangerous.

This is a war.

People need to wake up and see it.



We all get sucked into this trap of thinking things are always going to stay the way things are… when history tells us otherwise.

The only thing that stays the same, is that change is constant.

If you truly want to be ready for anything, you need to understand this.

Go to war against yourself.

And I don’t mean in a negative way…

I want you to root out all that which is weakness inside of you, and eradicate it. Wage war against your negative habits and mindsets.

That’s one of the central themes here at Demons & Destiny.

Waging war against the Demons in your own life…

So you can realize your Destiny.

Nick Hagood
Demons & Destiny

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