I Never Lose & Haters Always Do

Haters Always Lose

I never lose. I either win, or I learn.” — Conor McGregor

If you participate in the Weekend Warrior series, you heard this quote last week.

There’s a little secret to winning…

You never lose if you never give up…

Not in the end.

This is why discipline, commitment, and sheer will are paramount to long term success.

Those who are in this game for a quick buck never last. I’ve seen so many people come and go. They “try” and then they give up when they realize making money requires WORK.

Passive income is a myth.

You still have to do the initial work. Sure, you can get paid while you sleep, but you must first do the work. Money doesn’t just show up in your bank account.

I’ve been actively learning, creating content, and honing my skills for over five years now.

Hell, my foundations go back even further than that.

With time, I’ve realized all of life is preparation.

Preparation for what?


Life is war.

We come from a perpetual cycle of predator and prey.

When the time comes, you either kill or be killed. The Universe doesn’t care. Only YOU truly care about your future.

I suggest you harden your body and mind if you wish to make it through… just remember, no one makes it out alive.

That’s the cold hard truth of this world.

Who knows what our experiences here are?

All I know, is that time here is fleeting.

On a Universal timescale, we’re not even a fraction of a flash.

Whether this reality is all there is remains to be seen…

You better learn from your shortcomings and failures, or you’ll be doomed to relive the same misfortunes again and again.


Those are your choices.

LOSING is not an option.

Losing is for quitters, and quitters don’t read this website.

If you’re a lost quitter, get the hell out of here. Quitters never get anywhere and quitters want winners to fall into the same mind traps and stagnation.

Fuck off with that.

If you’re here, you have the spark of a winner within you.

Feed that flame and grow the vision you have in your head. MAKE THAT SHIT REALITY.

That’s what I continue to do every day. Some days are slower than others, but I’m always making progress. I left the world of working for others behind. I went into the business of working for myself.

I call the shots. I make the rules. I reap what I sow.

Not someone else…

I created something from nothing.

All the haters can call you a failure or a scammer, yet they’ve never created anything. They’ve never taken the risk and left the system to truly play the game. Haters are amateurs, and haters don’t know shit.

Haters claim to be millionaire playboys, yet they have no skin in the game and have all the time in the world to stalk people on social media.

They’ll armchair quarterback and critique things they have NO EXPERIENCE with.

They’ll say YOU’RE the loser, because they know THEY are the loser.

Haters are simply a mirror into themselves.

To understand a hater, you must understand projection. Haters project their insecurities onto you.

They call you a loser, because they aren’t winners.

When you realize you only lose if you quit, you can’t lose.

Haters quit at the first signs of difficulty, and they despise those who proceed further than them.

That’s why they’ll call YOU the loser. The con man. The fraud.

Because THEY are the frauds…

The beautiful thing is WINNERS CAN USE THE HATERS.

It’s been said before, and I’ll say it again… Haters are your biggest fans…

Haters study your every move and share your content, trying to bring you shame and ridicule, but instead bring you wealth and attention.

Haters don’t get it, and they play right into the winning hand every time.

They see a failure and think it’s a loss rather than an opportunity for growth.

And that’s exactly why they are doomed to repeat the same fate, over and over again.

Because haters never learn…

That’s exactly what happened this week with the War Room.

A bunch of haters attacked the Gs, and the Gs made more money.

What did the haters and their brainwashed posse do?



Nick Hagood
Demons & Destiny