Quantum Physics, Free Will, and Your Future Timelines

Free Will

Let me start this off by saying I’m not a physicist.

I wasn’t a physics major. I didn’t even take physics in college.

Yet, physics, space, and how the Universe operates absolutely fascinates me.

Every now and then I’ll come home after training clients, pour myself a glass of Proper Twelve, and cue up some PBS Space Time videos on YouTube.

That’s right… I’ll sit around and watch videos on quantum physics and space… FOR FUN.

Most people can’t even understand this stuff, and here I am relaxing with some Irish whiskey and using this information to find patterns in life and how the Universe operates.

I integrate many different concepts and experiences into my model of the world.

That’s how I’m able to see what others can’t.

You may be asking yourself how understanding quantum physics and spacetime applies to anyone that’s not working within these fields…

And that’s a great question, so let’s dig right in…

Adagio For String Theory

Here’s a quick primer by Kurzgesagt.

Who knows what is true? This is probably wildly inaccurate from how the Universe actually operates.

Despite this, we should be able to understand some of the overarching themes of these mechanisms.

We don’t have to know everything, we just have to know enough.

Kurzgesagt mentions string theory requires ten dimensions to work.

So what would ten dimensions even look like?

This video has a good conceptual breakdown.

Again, I approach all of this as more of a thought experiment.

Think of your life as a series of events on a timeline. A long, undulating snake of experiences.

What if we could cause a split or a fold in these dimensions? What if we’re inside of something we can’t see?

There’s really no way for us to tell if there are higher dimensions, but it’s fun to think about. Just like black holes…

Our Universe is strange and the more we dig into how it operates the more questions we have.

From the warping of spacetime by massive objects and black holes…

To the double-slit experiment giving two different results based on the act of observation…

To the delayed-choice quantum eraser experiment seeming to show that observation can even affect events retroactively…

To exactly how big this place is and the timescales we’re looking at…

We’ve only been around for a really, really short time.

We don’t know where we came from.

We don’t know what really happened in the past.

And we don’t know why the Universe seems to operate completely differently on tiny versus massive scales.

We think we do, but it’s really just a best guess with the data we have…

Free Will Is The Power To Change Your Future Timelines

Now, let’s take all of this and begin to apply it to life.

You can look at life as a series of probabilistic events.

What CAN happen, and what IS LIKELY to happen.

And I’ve got an open secret for you…


This is one of those secrets that everyone knows but most people can’t admit.┬áIf they did, they would be admitting their own failures and shortcomings.

Anyone who is successful realizes that only they control their future.

Successful people practice extreme ownership over their life circumstances. They take control of their own lives through consistent action.

Your free will allows you to control the future. Nothing’s stopping you from getting up right now, leaving town, and never going back.

That’s the power of your free will. All it takes is a decision followed by action.

So, what is the decision you need to make? What variable do you need to change in the equation?

Answer this question, and then execute with the necessary action.

You have the power to make any change that you need to make.

You have the power to say, “No, I’m NOT going to walk Path A… I’m going to walk Path B. Hell, I’m not going to follow EITHER path. I’m going to blaze my own trail out in the cold and the wilderness.”

You have the power to change your life and your future, every single moment, of every single day.

I can hear the haters now…

A lot of people would read those words as empty, but not YOU.

Someone like YOU, someone like ME, WE understand these things on a deeper level.

Life is a series of probabilistic events, and YOU are the one who determines a lot of the variables.

Not all, not all.

But your day-to-day lifestyle, your drive, your ambition…

That’s on you, buddy. That’s on you.

When you start changing the variables, you start getting different results.

Through will alone, you are able to change your future timelines.

Anyone who doesn’t believe me, I invite you to practice extreme ownership in your life and see how things change.

Decisions, Dimensions, and Multiple Universes

Who knows if it’s true, but one of my favorite perspectives is the multiverse theory.

This theory basically states that there are an infinite number of Universes where all of the variables and conditions are slightly different (or completely different).

There’s a Universe where everything is exactly the same except you had steak & eggs for breakfast this morning instead of cereal.

But there’s also a version where you skipped breakfast entirely and went to the gym for cardio.

Just imagine there’s a version of the Universe for every single choice or action that can be experienced.

Now remember, your own free will has the power to change your future timelines.

That means you can change the timeline of events in THIS Universe.

There’s just one caveat…

You can only affect things going forward in time, not backwards.

So it all starts RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW.

Every single choice you could make has the potential to create an entirely new reality. An alternate timeline. That’s how powerful free will is.

You could make the choice to be a pathetic sack of shit and sit in a dark room every single day playing video games, getting drunk, and jacking off to porno…

Or you can get off your ass, get outside, and make some money…

The choice is yours.

When you make a choice, you alter your timeline.

Imagine what years and years of following the first routine would look like…

You’d never achieve anything outside of some badges on a screen and destroying your lower back.

If you set some standards and work relentlessly towards your goals, you win.

Every single second of every single day, you have the opportunity to win, and WIN BIG.

You just have to make the choice.

So make it, and choose the future you want to be in…

Nick Hagood
Demons & Destiny

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