France Has Fallen: How Open Borders Destroy Nations

France Has Fallen

France has fallen.

And no, I’m not being dramatic…

France has fallen, and you can see the proof here.

I’ve been talking about these issues for years now.

There’s not going to be a peaceful reconciliation to these problems.

How long did it take France to turn into a third-world shithole? Three years? Four? MAYBE five?

Open borders destroy nations.

That’s a fact.

All you have to do is open your eyes.

Just take one look at the state of things across Europe, France in particular.

We’re watching nations commit suicide in real-time. Europe is falling to globalism.

There’s a reason why people voted for Brexit…

There’s a reason why people are against open borders and unfettered immigration…

There’s a reason why people are concerned for their safety and the future of their nations…

People are tired of having their wealth and culture stolen from them, only to be given to a bunch of third-world, opportunistic migrants.

These people are not going to enrich European nations. They will only serve as a drain on the system, and ultimately, a sleeper cell of destruction.

These people are not refugees. These people are not economic migrants. These people are invaders. Terrorists. Enemy combatants.

The people of Europe better wake up. And America would be wise to follow suit.

“Refugees” and “migrants” are simply modern-day Trojan horses.


If they’re not, then tell me why an overwhelming number of migrants are men of fighting age.

Why did they leave their women and children in war-torn countries if they’re truly trying to escape a bad situation?

There’s only one answer… THEY DIDN’T.

These people are not escaping a bad situation. They are taking advantage of a crisis.

And it’s been going on for far too long.

One day, they will reach a critical mass, and the United States will have to come save Europe yet again.

Europe is falling, one nation at a time.

And this is exactly why President Donald Trump says he wouldn’t go to France.

Open Borders In America

Donald Trump recently said he’s “not playing games” and will completely shut down the border if things don’t change, RAPIDLY.

The United States has suspended aid to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Border officials have apprehended over 100,000 people in March alone… and there’s apparently a 20,000+ strong caravan headed this way.

Yet the left and the Democrats want to say this isn’t a crisis…

Let me ask you this…

How long will it take an MS-13 gang member to reach YOUR city?

It only took me FOUR DAYS to travel from coast to coast, and that’s with me driving alone and sleeping overnight in hotels.

Once illegal immigrants enter the country, we have no clue where they will go or how quickly they will get there.

How long will it take cartel members and terrorists to get across the border and up the West Coast?

How long until they reach Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Seattle?

How long until they reach San Antonio, Atlanta, New York City?

The answer: NOT THAT LONG.

These people are able to move FAST

One day they’re in another country, the next day they’re in your house.

Anyone who doesn’t understand what’s coming to America is either ignorant or a fool.

If the left gets its way and continues to pass open border legislation, America will become like France and the rest of Europe.

France has fallen. Europe has fallen. And so will Babylon…

Americans Will Bleed For Europe Yet Again

History repeats itself, and I see a little déjà vu on the horizon.

American lives will be the only thing that saves Europe from its suicidal leaders and malicious exploiters.

Sometime in the future, there will either be a complete collapse of the European Union due to open border policies or America will “come to the rescue” yet again.

I don’t like that our country takes on the role of policing the world, but when your allies are committing suicide before your eyes, what do you expect to happen?

Do you stand by and watch?

Or place boots on the ground and exterminate the scourge?

I think we both know where all of this leads…

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but some day in the future WAR WILL COME AGAIN.

I understand that’s an easy prediction, but that’s why it’s an important one.

War is part of the cycle of humanity. Creation and destruction is the nature of the Universe, and the true nature of Mankind.

The human condition is forever trapped within these cycles and will never fully escape them.

Evil, greed, and corruption will always be present.

And that’s why good men take a stand, and prepare themselves for war.

As Ivan Throne says, “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.”

Be ready.

Nick Hagood
Demons & Destiny

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France Has Fallen (Video Evidence)

You can review a list of recent terror attacks in France here…

The violence continues to escalate in the Yellow Vest Protests.

Gas leak… riiiiiight. These people want you to believe this was from a “gas leak.”

These people are chipping up the blocks on their own roads to throw at police. I want you to let that sink in for a minute… France is on the verge of revolution. This isn’t a game.

First it’s a water hose, then it’s a machine gun.

You have to read through the lies to see the truth.

A tumultuous era is upon us. Prepare.