Facing Demons In The Dark

Facing Demons In The Dark

We all have our demons.

We all have our fears.

We all have our insecurities.

The difference between the hero and the coward is choosing to battle those demons.

And that’s why you haven’t heard from me in a while. I’ve been busy in the shadows…

In the past, I would announce my goals and intentions to the public. No longer. I simply get to work and let the results speak for themselves.


That’s what we call them in the War Room.

You either post your receipts, or get the fuck out.

We don’t tolerate TALK. We expect ACTION. We demand RESULTS.


The Reaper

Stagnation is death and growth is inevitable when you operate this way.

I will not allow Demons & Destiny to stagnate. And with 2019 coming to a close, it’s only appropriate that I speak to you one more time before midnight strikes…

What Can You Achieve In Six Months?

Since June, I’ve been almost entirely focused on the War Room and implementing the necessary changes to take my body, mind, and lifestyle to the next level.

If it wasn’t making me better or making me money, I stopped caring.

Politics, social media, and pointless friendships can all go to hell.

If you’re not leveraging these to stack some cash or kick some ass, you’re simply wasting your time…

Since joining the War Room, I’ve made more money without a “job” than ever before. From personal training, to side hustles, to getting paid by the women in my life.

I’m on a completely different trajectory, with a radically upgraded mindset, and incredible momentum going into 2020.

We’re entering into a decade of destruction…

Weakness will be eradicated. Boundaries will be smashed. Bounties will be taken.

Victory beckons like a seductive mistress in the night. And I will make it so.

Will you?

The War Summit, Romania, 2019

In August, I took a big risk for a big reward.

I over-extended myself to ensure I would make it to Romania for the very first War Room Summit in the mountains of Transylvania. I was called upon to “MAKE IT REAL” and that’s exactly what I did. I found a way to make it happen.

No passport? No problem.

Never left the country before? No problem.

Never met with a bunch of strangers from online?  No problem.

Don’t have the Bitcoin necessary for the event ticket? No problem.

Just work.

I wrote down every single task that needed to be completed… and simply got to work.

I found a way to get the Bitcoin I needed for the event ticket. I booked my flights and hotels. I expedited my passport. I researched international travel procedures. And then I took the leap.

I radically changed my life.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

How did I get here?

To this point.

This decision.

When I first listened to Andrew in January of 2019, I knew at that very moment the War Room would contain untold treasures and wisdom.

How could it not? When you’re talking about men of this magnitude, with this work ethic, how can their advice and presence NOT transform your life?

This video hit me like a ton of bricks. I immediately realized I needed to figure out a way to join.

You see, I had just started my training business, and all of my resources were dedicated to ensuring the company would function.

I didn’t want to divert my funds elsewhere… but I made it happen.

Once I became a member, it was like drinking from a waterfall. 

The amount of information I needed to process was and continues to be outstanding. We have men working in all different industries and using all different skill sets. That knowledge is shared CONSTANTLY.

If you need a guy, we’ve got a guy. Or we’ve got a guy, that knows a guy. We can get anything done.

And then it all compounds on itself by the standards of being a member of the War Room.

You are REQUIRED to improve, and show PROOF of it. OR YOU’RE OUT.

I don’t know of any other business group that operates like this. Everyone else NEEDS your money. They need seminar tickets to function as a business.

Andrew & Tristan do not NEED your money. They will TAKE your money, absolutely… as will I… but they do not need the price of these memberships or courses to survive.

If you only knew about the untold sums of cash in the things we’re talking about… that thought would never even cross your mind.

These men have already created their reality. They’ve followed their Destiny.

And now they’re accelerating it, by accelerating us.

You can think of us as students on the way to Mastery.

Which brings us back to Romania…

I heard the calling, and I went.

You can see some of my adventures on my Instagram.

Bucharest is a beautiful city. It’s nothing like the cities in America. Hell, Romania is nothing like America.

America has so many laws and regulations meant to babysit full-grown children because people are mentally retarded. Romania doesn’t give a fuck.

If you’re not causing problems with the mafia, you won’t have any problems. Simply don’t be an idiot. That’s it.

In America, you have to worry about some psycho randomly bashing your head in on the street… especially in the liberal strongholds.

The West has descended into absolute madness. Just look at Commiefornia. Just look at London.

The problems come from our own people… the idiots at the bottom and the psychopaths at the top. You’re not going to fix these problems when they’re intentionally created by your own people.

The only solution is to stack cash and ensure your own survival.

When it’s time to leave, LEAVE.

I know you feel it coming. The day is fast approaching when the world you used to know isn’t going to be the same world anymore.

Times are changing. YOU need to change.

Your mentality, your physicality, all of it must adapt… and rapidly.

To stay the same is suicide.

Entropy is how the Universe operates.

The enemy is within. The only adversary is YOU.

And your brothers, if you search for them, are out there. I’ve found mine… and they’re in the War Room.

I can go to damn near any major city across the world, and I’ll have a War Room brother greet me with open arms. That’s the power of having a strong network of like-minded men. That’s the power of brotherhood.

The caliber of men I met in Romania blew me away.

I don’t easily connect with most people, and that’s because most people are sheep. Worms.

All it took was a handshake, and BOOM. You could immediately tell the man standing in front of you wasn’t like the rest of the lemmings in the West.

All of these men had purpose. Confidence. Life force.

We were all there for a reason.

And as the week proceeded, these bonds of brotherhood only grew stronger.

Now, we’re called upon once again to put up or shut up.

We’re required again in Romania in 2020… for THE TEST.

What is it?

I have no clue.

All I know is that Andrew and the rest of the Generals will make good on their word to break us physically and mentally. Those who rise above will be forever changed. Those who fail… well…

I’ve been on a warpath to face my demons in 2019.

What have YOU been doing?

We’re entering a new decade. Yea yea, time doesn’t exist, I get it. But what I’m telling you is why are you sitting on your ass, doing the same thing year after year, and feeling miserable and empty in the process, when you can TAKE THE FUCKING ACTION?

Do you see the disconnect between hopes and dreams and goddamn reality? Do you understand what collapses fate into the present moment?

It’s what the fuck you do.

It’s your actions.




Stay tuned for the Roaring Twenties. History repeats itself.

And I’m a goddamn baron.

Nick Hagood
Demons & Destiny

If you’re interested in joining the War Room, I suggest you don’t delay. You’re getting further and further behind, every single day.

Head over to the Live Chat and tell them I sent you. They should be able to work out a discount for you.

And I’ll see you on the front lines. THIS IS WAR.