The War Room: Level Up Your Circle To Level Up Your Life

The War Room

I joined Andrew Tate’s War Room last week, and boy has it been crazy.

I’m not at liberty to discuss all the details, but maybe I can shed a little light on the situation.

The War Room is an elite inner circle of men on the path to riches, guided by millionaires who’ve already made it happen.

When I gained access, it was like drinking from a fire hose. It still is.

So much information pours across my phone, damn near 24 hours a day.

Conversations about money and women. Private discussions between Gs who’ve made it happen. Essential resources. And some crazy, CRAZY shit I’ve never seen before.

The War Room IMMEDIATELY changed the way I see things.

I can’t tell you how many people are in here, but there’s 11 verified millionaires. WE ARE LEGION. I’m sure you can understand how much opportunity this means for everyone involved.

I quickly realized the importance of keeping your mouth shut and LISTENING.

Again, there’s a ton of us in here. You can’t just start talking about a bunch of bullshit.

Do you think men of our caliber will tolerate that?

Absolutely not.

We’re here to get paid and bullshit isn’t tolerated.

Within the first 24 hours, I witnessed one guy get into an argument with several people, piss off a few key players, and IMMEDIATELY GET BANNED.

Andrew doesn’t play games, and if you’re here to fuck around and cause headaches, you’ll be kicked out. Period.

It was almost jarring at first, seeing people get called out and even KICKED OUT for not living up to the War Room’s standards and etiquette. But again, you’re joining up with men who don’t tolerate bullshit.

We don’t have private cigar lounges where we can talk freely in the presence of other men. We no longer have these types of spaces for men to meet and discuss business and women without a filter. So it’s weird when you stumble upon one.

The War Room is an exclusive place for winners.

If you’re a bullshitter, you have to go.

We don’t want you here.

You see, we don’t discuss bullshit in the War Room.

If it doesn’t get you paid or laid, we don’t care.

Very few other topics are tolerated, and people will call you out if you start discussing nonsense.

If it doesn’t increase your bank account, why should you care?

What benefit does discussing politics give you? What benefit does Twitter drama give you? What benefit does “saving the West” give you?

Pretty much none. You’re not going to change anything, and you’re not going to make a lot of money with it either.

You can speak the truth and prepare for it but you’re not going to change it.

Sure, some people run businesses where politics is the main focus, but how much money are they actually making? And are you doing the same thing at the same level? Are you actually able to successfully game these systems?

Probably not.

You’re going to focus on what you talk about. If you talk about making money, you make money.

As Andrew says, “If you were in a group of 100 ice cream experts constantly talking about ice-cream, you’d learn a lot about how to make ice-cream. IT’S THE SAME WITH MONEY.”

Broke jokers don’t understand this.

They believe it’s a scam.

They believe the men at the top are frauds and those who follow them are being swindled.

And yet, I don’t see any of these jokers with skin in the game…

Since when is paying your dues a scam, especially when doing so gives you access to the private wisdom of winners?

The answer: IT’S NOT.

Hell, even I was skeptical at first…

I had never purchased anything from Andrew Tate, but people I trust vouched for him and that’s enough for me. This is why having the trust of the right people is essential. You’re better prepared for what you’re getting into.

And I can see how £447 is a lot of money to not even know what you’re getting into… but try to see it from a winner’s perspective.

Outcome 1) The War Room is legit and I truly benefit from it.

Outcome 2) The War Room is a scam and I only spent £447 to find out who can be trusted and who can’t.

Either way you’re paying for information.

A loser worries about getting scammed because they can’t afford to be scammed. A winner realizes that even if they are scammed, it’s a good thing.

Wait, what?

Yes. It’s a good thing because it’s a learning experience. It can also serve as a canary in the coal mine to verify some prominent associations.

If someone turns out to be a scammer that’s endorsed by people you trust, it calls into question their integrity as well.

You see?

Always think a step ahead. Just don’t worry about the outcome. Understand the outcomes, and handle each situation as it reveals itself.

The potential is limitless when you avoid a scarcity mindset and level up your inner circle.

Join us if you still can…

Nick Hagood
Demons & Destiny

I don’t know why Tate hasn’t closed the doors yet, but we’re at damn near capacity in The War Room. Be thankful you still have the chance to join.

If you’re on the fence, take advantage of the opportunity NOW.

Destiny rewards action.