Nick Hagood & Wilson

I’m Nick Hagood… and this is Wilson.

I structure my days around writing, fighting, lifting, training, and business.

I’ve been building a reputation online since 2015, and made enough noise to get deplatformed from social media while having my content shadowbanned or deleted.

My opinions are strong and the censor-happy leftists in Silicon Valley can’t afford to have them shared… because that just might start a revolution in the minds of men.

If you’re offended easily, Demons & Destiny is not the place for you.

If you’re not, welcome to the battlefront.

Over the years, I’ve realized that LIFE IS WAR.

And that’s what I’m preparing for…

Dark times are ahead. Our society and culture are changing… and not for the better.

The Universe operates in cycles and so does our history.

Golden Ages follow unbelievable times of tragedy, and unremembered horrors consume the Golden Ages.

All empires fall. All men fall. Everything fades to dust.

The Reaper hunts us in the dark.

The Demons howl in the shadows of our mind.

And Destiny calls to us like a seductive mistress.

Can you destroy those demons?

Can you delay the Reaper?

Will you walk the path of Destiny?

I refuse to remain the same.

I refuse to bow down to the will of psychopaths.

And I refuse to become a statistic when this house of cards comes crashing down.

Do you?

Conquer your Demons.
Embrace your Destiny.
This is War.

Nick Hagood
Demons & Destiny

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